Transparent LED screen is probably one of the best replacements you can find to your traditional LED big screen. And here are some of its advantages! Get prepared for the changes!

Higher Transparency Rate

Although it’s not 100% transparent, transparent LED screen allows 80% light going through. If you’re standing straight in front of a transparent LED screen, it is almost invisible. Different from traditional LED walls, transparent screen will not block the sunlight or street views. As a result, transparent LED screen is a perfect solution for restaurants and stores.

Better Practice on Curved Surface

Transparent LED screens have customised printed circuit boards, those circuits are shaped into slim strips, which make it possible for cone-shape LED and all other curved surface LED screen design.

Lighter Body

Transparent LED screen has a lighter unit weight compared to traditional LED screen. Lighter body weight means the transparent screen units can be assembled without any supporting shelves for nearly 2 meters lengths. More creative designs can be made when using transparent LED screen.

Energy Saving

Due to its special circuit design, transparent screen has a very high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. As the units are lightweight and in strips, the ventilation of transparent screen is so good that no cooling fan or air conditioning system needed – which is another big saving for your business.

If your business is looking for a stylish way to promote, transparent LED screen is definitely the No.1 option to go for. LoEasy has Ireland’s best transparent LED screen and transparent advertising machine. Please contact us for more information.

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