Main Features

  • 180° readable – can be viewed from a wide angle with full clarity
  • Sun readable – bright enough to stand out even on the sunniest days
  • Thin installation – can be mounted inside almost any window or into any space
  • Wifi control – upload content or have a live feed from any device
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ultra modern – this is the very latest technology in LED screen displays

In order to allow full sunlight to flow in through your windows we can install a made-to-measure transparent screen that will give up to 90% visibility on video content to the viewer outside while not intruding on the amount of daylight that flows in.

Content can be delivered in the same way as a normal screen but the result is truly spectacular and will suit a business that wants to maximise shop front presence while still maintaining a clear window. Designed for 24/7 use.