Give your venue or business premises a chance to truly stand out, with a visual experience that will leave your customer breathless. True brand impact and customer experience can only be brought about with video and digital media walls. These days customers are immune to traditional, hundred year old advertising and marketing methods. Video is proven to convert more business and to keep customers coming back time and again.

A true media wall should be made to measure for the specific location, with a suitable resolution, brightness and proportion that is fit for purpose. A Flat screen TV has been the only option for display that many business owners previously had but now the opportunity is there to truly captivate your audience with a fit-for-purpose indoor LED screens. You can create one seamless image without any bevels or reflections.

Whether you want to create a unique, dynamic and vibrant media wall in your shopping centre mall, hotel lobby, conference centre, retail store, office welcome area or meeting room the applications are endless and we are experts with regard to giving you the correct advice.

Q Series Indoor

Q2.5 Indoor Module Specifications

A P2.5mm pixel pitch indoor screen delivers the highest resolution viewing experience in a media wall. For 4k, 5k or higher resolution viewing this screen can meet any requirements. When the screen takes up all of your peripheral vision it draws the viewer in and makes you feel part of the action.

It is hard to describe the experience without viewing in person but if you are comparing against a projector system or bank of flat screen TV’s the advantages of this modular LED screen include:

  • Much brighter than a projector system or standard indoor television.
  • Can be viewed almost side on (140° or more) with perfect clarity.
  • Longer life span than a projector system and far lower maintenance costs (if any).
  • Can be mounted in a frame or flush to a wall and made to measure for each installation.
  • Lightweight when compared to TV and brackets mounted to a wall.
  • Can be installed on a curved or flat surface.

Q3 Indoor Module Specifications

A 3mm pixel pitch indoor screen with a 3 metre “retina distance” (delivers high resolution images once the viewer is positioned 3 metres or more from the screen).

Advantages of the P3 include:

  • A more cost effective solution than the P2.5 with very little resolution difference
  • Ideal for showing video content
  • Will deliver a marketing message with high impact

Q4 Indoor Module Specifications

Our 4mm pixel pitch module is our most popular seller and is ideal for an indoor billboard when mounted at a height of 3 metres or higher. Once the viewing distance is optimal the customer or patron will be absorbed and completely wowed by the effect.

Advantages of the P4 include:

  • Gives spectacular results for a video billboard
  • Can play independently on a video loop or with a laptop/ player
  • Content can be managed remotely through online software, ideal for marketing with multiple screen locations

The 4mm series is also useful for ticker tape style ceiling displays and irregular shaped screens. The picture is still very vivid and the display achieves maximum impact.

Q5 Indoor Module Specifications

A P5mm pixel pitch indoor screen is our final indoor option that is ideal for a video billboard.

Advantages of the P5 include:

  • Suitable for viewing distance of 5 metres or more
  • When installed in the right location will deliver maximum visual impact
  • The P5 is our lowest budget option for indoor video screens as most venues will need this as a minimum resolution