Media Wall

Effective use of a media wall or outdoor video billboard can show huge results on customer interaction when used properly. In order to really understand how much of an impact a digital display can have for your business we highly recommend visiting our Long Mile Road showroom in Dublin.

We have years of experience advising various business owners on the best digital solution that will deliver the most outstanding results.

Quality, quality, quality it’s what we deliver every time.

  • We are visual sales and customer experience experts. We won’t let you buy a screen that you don’t need, it will be tailored for your needs, no matter the budget.
  • Our engineer and installation team are the most experienced you will find in Europe.
  • The quality assurance that comes with our product is second to none, with two year and five year warranties available depending on requirements.

Case Stuides

Digital displays and retail lighting solutions have applications across a wide variety of commercial sectors. We specialise in delivering a solution that suits your individual business, so you can be assured of the best advice every time.

  • Does your business shopfront need to be modernised with an outdoor video billboard? We will take care of your planning application if needed.
  • Do you want to use a digital display in your shop window?
  • Do you want to improve your customer experience and make your marketing up to the minute relevant?

We will deliver the best result for your business, based on what you need to achieve.


We know that quality assurance and peace of mind in knowing that your display will perform day-in and day-out. We provide the most comprehensive solution in the Irish market.

  • An installation team that has years of experience installing the largest screens in the world.
  • A support team and service level agreement that means our customers are our top priority ongoing.
  • Player software provided with every screen purchase.
  • Range of content management solutions, including online management for multiple locations.

About Us

LoEasy Technology Ltd is established as of May 2018 as a China-Ireland joint enterprise. With a successful and long standing business in China, installing and exporting Qiang Li LED screens around the world we are investing in Ireland with a long term view to building a strong business through the most outstanding customer service, delivering the highest quality products and at competitive pricing.Our showroom on The Long Mile Road Dublin 12 allows customers to experience our range of products from large high resolution screens to small single colour LED displays. We will use the best LED display products and the most professional installation and sales support experience to bring you the highest quality and most recent world leading technology to the Irish, UK and European market.

Our Commitment

Quality Assurance

We supply Qiang Li LED screens, the most widely used large LED screens around the world. When comparing brightness, performance and longevity Qiang Li are the best in the world.

Technical Expertise

Our installation team have years of experience on major LED screen installation projects. Our customers can rest easy knowing that they are dealing with professionals for both the installation and after-sales support.

Cost Effective

Digital displays are a very effective way of gaining more customers. It is a proven channel to improve engagement and sales results. We can supply LED screens to suit every budget and will deliver dynamic displays that get the results you require.

Display Solutions

LED screens can be used across a wide variety of businesses as part of the digital marketing mix, to enhance the customer experience and to cut cost of changing physical branding with each new marketing campaign. Advantages of using LED screens are:


Content can be changed through an easy to use player, sent to the screen remotely or synchronised with a laptop/ video player.

You can tailor the message or video content to keep your marketing relevant and instantly changeable.


Screens come with their own memory so content can be stored and looped to play 24/7 without the need to constantly use a laptop/ remote player.

Content can be uploaded remotely or through a wired connection.


Our business is based on excellent after-sales service, a 2 year warranty as standard and competitive pricing on the entire range of products.

We offer a number of finance and rental options.

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