LED screens can be used across a wide variety of businesses as part of the digital marketing mix, to enhance the customer experience and to cut cost of changing physical branding with each new marketing campaign.

Advantages of using LED screens are:


Content can be changed through an easy to use player, sent to the screen remotely or synchronised with a laptop/ video player.

You can tailor the message or video content to keep your marketing relevant and instantly changeable.


Screens come with their own memory so content can be stored and looped to play 24/7 without the need to constantly use a laptop/ remote player.

Content can be uploaded remotely or through a wired connection.


Our business is based on excellent after-sales service, a 2 year warranty as standard and competitive pricing on the entire range of products.

We offer a number of finance and rental options.

Customers who may be most interested in a made-to-measure LoEasy LED screen would include but are not limited to:

  • A high quality large outdoor LED screen can be used roadside to draw attention to a new model release, promote service centre offerings, finance availability and most of all to raise brand awareness.
  • Indoor screens can be used to wow potential customers in a waiting area, informing them of numerous product features through the use of exciting video content.
  • Interactive screens or display screens can be used for staff training, to increase engagement on sales target meetings or for video conference calls.
  • Screens can be used in a lobby, bar, leisure centre, meeting room and conference centre to enhance the guest’s experience.
  • Outside large screens can be used in car parks for information purposes or roadside to create a landmark, eye-catching sign for the hotel.
  • Branding can be updated internationally in seconds throughout a chain of hotels.
  • Communicate relevant information in the hotel to guests like weather forecast, upcoming events, breakfast time, check-out time and other need-to-know messages.
  • High resolution LED screens are now a very cost effective alternative to projectors with a huge difference in picture quality, longevity and low maintenance.
  • For interactive displays in meeting rooms and for huge impact with a large feature screen or video wall in a conference centre our LED screens will enhance visitor’s experience immensely.
  • Your visuals will be state of the art for a long time to come if you switch from projectors to high resolution LED screens. The technology is cutting edge and can be adapted to uses from theatre and concert shows to technology or photography exhibitions.

We provide the highest quality screens for stadium and sporting arena use.

  • Digital scoreboards – high quality solutions available.
  • Advertising (pitchside or wall mounted) billboards for stadium use – a clean and modern way to manage advertising content.
  • Live video feed for giant screen – our LED stadium screens won’t be beaten on quality or price.

We have options for purchase, rental and lease-hire.

Nothing beats being there like a giant high resolution screen, to take over your peripheral vision, and really absorb the viewer in a sporting event.

The pubs and sports bars that use giant screens always attract huge crowds because spectators will go to a place where they can feel a part of the action.

What you can achieve with a LoEasy LED screen is:

  • A giant screen capable to screening a sporting event in higher resolution than any viewer will have seen before.
  • A cost effective solution, the screen will generate so much revenue and can be used for brand marketing campaigns when not in use on sporting event days.
  • We can provide both indoor and outdoor screens for sports bars.
  • All payment options available, from screen hire to rental and outright purchase.