A customer walked into our showroom, he was a no nonsense type of person, straight to the point and an all-round cool dude with very dynamic looking dreadlocks. He had a good idea of the LED screen he wanted to install on his shopfront, his idea was to have a red text sign to advertise his services.

Situation – Benny’s Barbershop, Drumcondra, Dublin

Bennys Barbers Daytime 7

So we got to talk a little bit about the challenges he was having and why he wanted that particular type of screen. His business is a first floor barbershop, above a restaurant on a busy road across from the country’s largest teacher training college and right beside a busy bus stop. 

Because his premises is over another business with large shopfront signage, his biggest challenge was getting noticed.

Benny knows he’s an expert barber – he does some really cool tricks with a scissors too – his haircuts are the best and his price is cheaper than his nearest competitor. If customers noticed his shop and knew what he did then he would get a lot more business.


LoEasy Solution –  Customised Outdoor LED

Instead of the traditional text-only display, we offered a screen made to fit a tight space on his shopfront with scrolling images including his logo, two images of happy customers and other attractive images to make it more appealing to call in. 

Above the images there is scrolling text which includes details on pricing and opening hours.


Satisfy Customers With Excellent Results

The end result is one very happy customer with a business that is getting noticed day and night.

We’re very happy to share the story as an example of how we can help businesses of all sizes with our screens. If a text only display was the best solution for him we would have recommended that but for a very similar price we managed to supply something that exceeded his expectations.